Asphalt Pavers Chicago IL

Asphalt Pavers Chicago IL

When people think about asphalt, they tend to imagine vast lots of boring black highway and parking lots. We think about asphalt paving in Chicago a lot and know there's a lot more to it than that. Asphalt is flexible, impermeable and durable composite material composed of bitumen and other ingredients that are chosen based on the final properties that are needed, such as flexibility, strength, resistance to heat and friction.

Our Asphalt services in Chicago range from large industrial road projects to small, custom residential designs backed up by our combined fifty years of experience among our team comes from working on a wide array of projects in Illinois. From major roadways to tennis courts and private driveways in Chicago, Asphalt is the material of choice for various applications throughout Illinois.

There are very few companies which provide a comprehensive asphalt solution. If you are considering undertaking a project involving asphalt in Chicago, we are the leading contractors to reach out to. We encourage you to inquire today and obtain a quick online quote for our asphalt repair services.

Asphalt MaintenanceWe offer Asphalt maintenance services. Asphalt repairs are best dealt with early before the potholes, cracks or subsidence become major hazards. A simple pothole can be annoying – they ruin tires on cars and bikes create danger of ankle injuries for people or trip hazards and can become a major costly repair if not repaired early. We repair damaged Asphalt in loading bays, car parks in hotels, motels, shopping centers, school grounds, private driveways or any area where asphalt has broken down from age, weathering or water damage.
Our Asphalt Maintenance services include the following:


Car Parks / Tennis Courts 

Asphalt Pavers Chicago IL are highly experienced with business, clubs & societies and corporation works such as carparks, pedestrian walkways, tennis courts, basketball courts, courtyards, bikeways and many more as we understand the client’s needs. We work closely with our clients to establish a design option that meets their budget, timeframe and quality needs.

Asphalt is the pavement of choice for car parks for many reasons. The construction time and life cycle costs are all lower than concrete. There is visual appeal (particularly when incorporating imprint options), enhancing the attraction of your business to customers. Whether for new construction or for an existing building, asphalt paving is quick, and your paved car park will be ready for your employees and customers to park and do business immediately after construction. Asphalt is very versatile, durable and flexible. Your asphalt pavement is engineered to withstand fluctuating loads and temperatures. Maintenance is low cost, easy and quick. Asphalt paving also makes it easy to build your parking lot in stages as your business needs develop. Your car park is often the first and last impression you share with your customers, visitors and employees leaving the positive impression desired.

Our highly skilled team can look after your Tennis / Basketball court project from start to finish ensuring the set out meets the court regulation dimensions and finish the court entirely with line-marking & installation of poles and nets ready for play.

Imprint Paving
Imprint paving also known as printed asphalt and sometimes referred to as street-print is an innovative way to bring some life to your driveway or commercial premises. There are many colors and imprint styles to choose from and custom designs can be manufactured upon request. The imprint option can be taken as cobble effect boarder and color only to the highly decorative multicolor options. The color option equally can be taken to uniformed asphalt paving areas also as the surface coating offers high friction resistance. The coatings offer a high UV resistance and have a relatively quick drying time (approx. 2Hrs). To arrange for a member of the team to call out to your premises and consult on the various options and provide an obligation free quote simply contact us on the numbers listed or email the link provided.

Road Construction
Asphalt Pavers Chicago IL has the experience and capability to take on and successfully complete various road constructions projects including road strengthening, Regulating & Overlay works, profile & resurface and major new infrastructure projects. Our range of Pavers ensure capability to achieve full lane asphalt laying per single pass. Our Management team ensure stringent Quality Assurance processes are followed through implementation of our internal policies and procedures to meet the clients expectations. A specific Project Manager is dedicated to our larger projects on hand for consultation throughout the projects life.
Regulating – Quite often, a surfacing job will involve laying over an existing substrate. When this is simply a matter of laying a new surface course on top of a pre-existing base, the levels of the existing base may be low and may require ‘building-up’ which may be confined to defined locations. Regulating may involve laying 10-30mm of additional material over an existing sub-layer to prepare the sub base for final layer application. This prevents the likelihood of water pooling at these locations and allows the appropriate cross falls and drainage measures to be achieved.

Residential DrivewaysCustomers are our focus and we don’t believe in the word No at Asphalt Pavers Chicago IL, so we help custom design your driveway and offer a wide range of colours and printed options to meet your tastes as standard and can accommodate requests for colours as an order in item. We always ensure a quality finish incorporating the appropriate cross falls and drainage measures to fulfil life expectancy. With our wide range of pavers we can get into the narrow difficult to reach corners and accommodate the wide country manor driveways in one single pass. Asphalt driveways are certainly an attractive driveway, one with curb appeal and adds value to your home investment with excellent returns on capital invested when returning to the market. It is strong and durable and is engineered to withstand freezing and thawing. Unlike other, more rigid materials, such as concrete, asphalt pavements are designed to flex and “give” with slight settlements suiting itself to certain areas known for such attributes such as reclaimed land.

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